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Host an in-home Adult Toy Party!


Invite your friends over for a night of fun!


Minimum 5 guests

2 hours - 1.5hr presentation followed by Q&A

Hostess is FREE and gets a free surprise toy!

Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, or Just for Fun!

Available within 90 miles of Simi Valley, CA

NOT a sales presentation! I don't bring inventory and I don't take orders! As a courtesy, guests will get a handout with a link to a "Cheat Sheet" of the products on my table hosted by where they can use code "Aubri" for 10% off and I do get a small bonus, but they can also take that Cheat Sheet to their local adult store to find these items or something they like better.

I have conducted over 800 of these parties spanning the last 19 years!

I started out as a Passion Parties consultant,

but in 2020 I left sales to focus on Sex Education.

I still offer these parties as Edutainment because I know how important Adult Sex Education is and how much adult products can aid pleasure. Unless you take a college course in Human Sexuality or pursue online or literary sex education there just aren't many options for learning about healthy sex positive sexual pleasure. These parties are fun and you and your friends will be surprised at how much you learn.

I play games, educate about Desire, Consent, Arousal, Climax, Anatomy, product tips and tricks, and more!

Check out what I'm currently showing at my parties by CLICKING HERE!

I'm experienced with quick set up, take down, crowd control, and engaging guests in fun and educational ways.

I support and affirm guests in their consensual practices including 

LGBTQIA2+, Kink, BDSM, Monogamy/Non-Monogamy, Self-Pleasure, Accessibility needs, and more!

Email​ or text 909-636-4601 with questions

or to pick a date!


Book me for a Bachelorette Party!

$20/guest (5 guest minimum) or $399 flat rate for unlimited guests

The Bride is Free and gets a free surprise toy!

2 hours (1.5 hr presentation plus Q&A)

I make the Bride the center of attention while we play games, learn about the ebb and flow of Desire through the lifetime, how to build intimacy, and explore the lubricants, edibles, and toys to make her Honeymoon and her Marriage a ton of fun!

Email​ or text 909-636-4601 with questions

or to pick a date!

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