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Professional Consult - 60 min

$30 - $150 per hour (pay what you can)

Customized education and insight to help you better understand the needs and experiences of your

Asexual and Aromantic clients or their partners.

  • Case Consultation

  • Connection to resources

  • Consult for your website, articles, training, workbooks, stories, books, etc.

  • Discuss Asexuality and/or Aromanticism in the context of HSDD/FSIAD, Desire Discrepancy, Low Desire, Low Libido, Kink, BDSM, Trauma, Attachment and Bonding, Monogamy/Non-Monogamy, Relationship Anarchy, and more.

  • Explore Community Language, Terms, and Labels

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Book your Professional Consult | 60 min


Venmo: @Aubri-Lancaster

CashApp: $AceSexEducation

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Book your Personal Consult - 60 min


Venmo: @Aubri-Lancaster

CashApp: $AceSexEducation

I am an Educator, not a therapist or counselor so my job is to help answer your questions and point you towards resources.

Personal One-on-One Education - 60 min

$0 - $150 per hour (pay what you can)

If you are looking to expand your understanding of your own experiences involving:

  • Asexuality

  • Aromanticism

  • Amatonormativity

  • Community Terms and Labels

  • Compulsory Sexuality/Romanticism

  • Hypersexualization/Desexualization

  • Limerence

  • Low Desire/Low Libido

  • Desire Discrepancy

  • Dating

  • Relationship models (Monogamy/Non-Monogamy, QPRs, Relationship Anarchy, Solo Poly, Single, etc.)

  • The Mechanics of Arousal

  • Choosing and incorporating  sex toys or adult products

  • Kink/BDSM

  • Disability/Neurodiversity

  • Gender


  • Peer support

  • Discussing your Orientation with your Therapist or Medical Provider

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