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Aubri Lancaster
Sexuality Educator
(she/her) BA², ANTE UP! Certified

A professional Sexuality Educator for over seventeen years. 


About Aubri

Aubri Lancaster earned a BA in Psychology and a BA in Theatre Arts from Whittier College in 2001. In 2003 she became a Passion Parties consultant where she spent much of her career. She has conducted hundreds of in-home presentations focused on arousal, intimacy, and incorporating adult toys and pleasure enhancing products into self care and relationships. After years of learning and educating she finally came to understand that Asexuality had always been a part of her life and upon learning the language to discuss this experience she decided to move her career towards bringing this understanding and awareness to the world of Sexuality Professionals that had for so long missed this vital information. To better understand these connections, Aubri spent a semester in 2021 studying Asexuality and Aromanticism under the guidance of Goddard Graduate Institute and is currently being mentored independently by Bianca Laureano, PhD, MA, CSE, CSES.  Aubri earned her ANTE UP! Certification and is working towards additional credentials while building her professional practice as an Educator and Speaker. When not working, Aubri spends her time with her friends, her husband, her family, her 5 year old, and her gaggle of Chihuahuas.

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Based out of Simi Valley, CA


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