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About Me.

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Hi! I'm Aubri Lancaster, I'm an AASECT and ANTE UP! Certified Sexuality Educator with a focus in Asexuality, Aromanticism, and the mechanics of arousal. I identify as Greyromantic Asexual and am a Secular Jewish Neurodivergent Femme. I live in Southern California and work primarily through virtual spaces. This website is a showcase of the work that I offer and I'd love to chat with you directly either through email or Zoom, so don't hesitate to reach out!

You can see my full CV/Resume here, but to share more about my career, I earned a BA in Psychology and a BA in Theatre Arts from Whittier College in 2001. In 2003 I became a Passion Parties consultant, where I spent much of my career. I have conducted hundreds of in-home presentations focused on arousal, intimacy, and incorporating adult toys and pleasure enhancing products into self care and relationships. I've also trained hundreds of other consultants on how to conduct these parties, how to educate around sex and sexuality, and supporting ethical business practices.

After years of learning and educating, I finally came to understand that Asexuality had always been a part of my life, and upon learning the language to discuss this experience, I decided to move my career towards bringing this understanding and awareness to the world of Sexuality Professionals that had for so long missed this vital information.

To better understand these connections, I spent a semester in 2021 studying Asexuality and Aromanticism under the guidance of Goddard Graduate Institute. It was an intense and enlightening education that incorporated study of Academic, Genealogical, Literary, and Community sources. After completing the semester, I chose to switch my studies to Continuing Education courses to work directly towards AASECT Certification which I completed in February of 2023. Realizing the importance of understanding social justice frameworks, I supplemented this continuing education with an additional certification through ANTE UP! where I completed 60 hours of training that covered Disability Justice, Racial Justice, Reproductive Justice, Media Literacy, Intersectionality, Accountability, and more. I'm grateful to my AASECT mentor and ANTE UP! foundress, Dr Bianca Laureano for her guidance and extensive insights that I take with me into my own work.

My work is inspired by the work of Bianca Laureano, KJ Cerankowski, Emily Nagoski, Dorothy Tennov, Sherronda J Brown, Bella DePaulo, Yasmin Benoit, Miranda Fricker, bell hooks, Elizabeth Brake, Ev'Yan Whitney, Lisa Diamond, Ianna Hawkins Owen, Jacinthe Flore, Meg-John Barker, Angela Chen, Lori Brotto, David Jay, Patricia Hill Collins, Lucie Fielding, Anne Hodder-Shipp, Tracie Q Gilbert, Cody Daigle-Orians, and many more.

My core work at this time is my 6 hour training that I offer on Asexuality and Aromanticism through ANTE UP! that offers 6 AASECT CEs to bring this much needed information to those working as Sexuality professionals. While this is my most comprehensive offering, I do also have a number of shorter workshops that I can bring to you in virtual spaces or here in Southern California. In between workshops I am available for one-on-one educational sessions for professionals and for the general public to expand your knowledge and connect you to resources. All my work is offered on a sliding scale so as to make it accessible.

I do offer free content on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and am always happy to make new connections on LinkedIn.

I have presented for California State University Northridge, Claremont McKenna College, Lorain County Community College, Pasadena City College, University North Carolina at Charlotte, SHIP, the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT) annual Conference.

When not working I am usually at home reading, snuggling with my Chihuahuas, playing with my 7 year old, or watching Supernatural with my spouse. I look forward to meeting you!

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