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Asexuality and Aromanticism Education

Professional Speaker and Consultant - CV/Resume
I identify as Greyromantic Asexual

My work is affirming of LGBTQIA2+ identities, Kink, BDSM, Monogamy/Non-Monogamy.

I strive to amplify BIPOC voices and de-center white patriarchal cisheteromononormative expectations. 


Asexuality and Aromanticism: A 2-part Training for Sexuality Professionals
6 AASECT CE's provided through Dr Bianca Laureano and ANTE UP!

Sliding Scale: $165-$315

Private Training for Group Practice

$150/person - 5 person minimum - You Pick Dates


Contact me to discuss doing my comprehensive Asexuality and Aromanticism training for your group practice!

Choose a full day 6 hour intensive or two part 3 hour/day training and pick dates that work for your team!

This training can be done Virtually at any time of day or in-person in Southern California within 90 miles of Simi Valley.

If you want in-person beyond 90 miles then travel and possibly lodging expenses will need to be provided or reimbursed.

Includes pdf of PowerPoint slides, detailed list of resources,

and I encourage engagement and participation with raffle tickets with one attendee winning a free digital copy of

Ace by Angela Chen, Refusing Compulsory Sexuality by Sherronda J Brown, OR Rewriting the Rules by Meg-John Barker!


This option does not include AASECT CE's unless you are a CE provider and can host the CEs yourself.

I can provide you with the learning objectives and recommended Core Knowledge Areas.

Recording allowed with the agreement that it not be archived past 1 year from the date of the presentation

and only made available to paid attendees.

Email with any questions or to book your training.

Guest Speaker

Rates dependent on length of presentation, number of attendees, and whether it will be recorded.
Contact to discuss options.


Recently I've spoken for  the TriCities Pride Festival,, Lorain County Community College, the 2022 AASECT Conference, 2022 Wisconsin University LGBTQ Health Summit, Antioch University, and California State University Northridge.

I'd love to learn more about your event!

Aubri Lancaster Sex Educator.jpg

Professional Consult - 60 min

$30 - $150 per hour (pay what you can)

Customized education and insight to help you better understand the needs and experiences of your

Asexual and Aromantic clients or their partners.

  • Case Consultation

  • Connect you to resources

  • Consult for your website, articles, training, workbooks, stories, books, etc.

  • Discuss Asexuality and/or Aromanticism in the context of HSDD/FSIAD, Desire Discrepancy, Low Desire, Low Libido, Kink, BDSM, Trauma, Attachment and Bonding, Monogamy/Non-Monogamy, Relationship Anarchy, and more.

  • Explore Community Language, Terms, and Labels


Book your Professional Consult - 60 min -


Venmo: @Aubri-Lancaster

CashApp: $AceSexEducation

Personal One-on-One Consult - 60 min

$0 - $150 per hour (pay what you can)

Aubri Chat.jpg

If you are looking to expand your understanding of your own experiences involving:

  • Asexuality

  • Aromanticism

  • Amatonormativity

  • Community Terms and Labels

  • Compulsory Sexuality/Romanticism

  • Hypersexualization/Desexualization

  • Limerence

  • Low Desire/Low Libido

  • Desire Discrepancy

  • Dating

  • Relationship models (Monogamy/Non-Monogamy, QPRs, Relationship Anarchy, Solo Poly, Single, etc.)

  • The Mechanics of Arousal

  • Choosing and incorporating  sex toys or adult products

  • Kink/BDSM

  • Disability/Neurodiversity

  • Gender


  • Peer support

  • Discussing your Orientation with your Therapist or Medical Provider


I am an Educator, not a therapist or counselor so my job is to help answer your questions and point you towards resources.

Book your Personal Consult - 60 min -


Venmo: @Aubri-Lancaster

CashApp: $AceSexEducation

Over the last 50 years, Asexuality and Aromanticism have grown in visibility, community, in academia, and recently surging in awareness during the continued isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. Research suggests that 1% to 5% of the general population is Asexual, meaning there are over 70 million Asexual people around the globe (numbers for Aromanticism are unknown). As support for the validity of these orientations grows, so does the need for education and training in creating space for Asexuality and Aromanticism among clients working with sexuality professionals. In this six hour class we will explore the basics of Asexuality and Aromanticism, how to support clients in their discovery and sexual health in a society that pushes compulsory sexuality, compulsory romanticism, amatonormativity, heteronormativity, and mononormativity. We will explore how Asexual and Aromantic people can build affirming relationships, self-acceptance, and fullfilment.


Course Outcomes: At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

*Define asexuality and aromanticism

*Recognize orientations and differentiate between HSDD / SAID and attachment disorders

*Assist clients in navigating self acceptance and connection to community

*Identify and understand the differentiated attractions that exist

*Establish new affirming intimacy practices that decenter sex and romance

*Understand the challenges due to erasure that lead to additional mental health concerns for asexual and aromantic people


2 Part Training - 3 hours each day - 6 hours total - 6 AASECT CE's

Saturday June 17 & 24, 2023 (two 3-hour sessions) 10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET Register

Sunday August 27, 2023 INTENSIVE 10am – 430pm PT / 1pm – 730pm ET (30 minute break) Register

Sunday October 15 & 22, 2023 (two 3-hour sessions) 10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET Register

Saturday December 9 & 16, 2023 (two 3-hour sessions) 10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET Register

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