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Media & Speaking Appearances

Some of the articles and podcasts I've been interviewed for.

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Kitchen Table Podcast with Brittany Policastro & Nick Antony
July 6 2022 Episode: Asexuality and Nonsexual Intimacy with Aubri Lancaster


Giving Consent Podcast with Jamie Cawelti
July 6 2022 Episode: Is Asexuality Sex Positive? Gain Clarity from the Expert!
with Aubri Lancaster as Guest


Experts Explain Whether Lack of Sex is Ever a Reason to Break Up
by Emma Glassman-Hughes
with Aubri Lancaster and Lucie Fielding as consults


2022 AASECT Conference
Disrupting Compulsory Sexuality: An Asexual Perspective
with Aubri Lancaster
(Recording was for attendees only.)


2022 Wisconsin LGBTQ+ Health Summit
"TED" Talk Presenter - Aubri Lancaster
"Asexual Inclusion and Support"
(Recording was for attendees only.)


Modern Anarchy Podcast with Nicole Thompson
Episode 54: Understanding Romantic and Sexual Attraction: Asexuality, Libido, and Abundant Love
Aubri Lancaster as Guest


Take Notes, Here's What You Need to Know About Fraysexuality
by Emma Glassman-Hughes
~Aubri Lancaster as featured expert


Confidence & Joy Newsletter by Emily Nagoski
Ace Awareness Week Article
Aubri Lancaster as consult


Panel Discussion:
Asexuality in Psychology & Health: Awareness & Depathologization

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